What is a Lifestyle Session?

If I could do every session as a lifestyle session I would! I love capturing every day moments in a way that can be remembered for a long time. As I do with everyone, I want to capture you and your family in the most natural way possible while emitting true smiles and laughter. I try to pose as minimally as possible and let you and your loved ones just be who you are. With newborns I try and capture the small details that you’ll want to hold on to forever such as the tiny toes that will soon be too big to fit into those shoes, the way they’re hand barely grasps your finger before they barely want to hold your hand walking down the street, the way they cuddle into your arms before they’re grown and off to bigger things.

Where Do I Take Photos in a Lifestyle Session?

Lifestyle session are typically captured in your home, in a familiar surrounding, although I do these in my studio if the lighting is not the best in home. Although traditional portraits are nice, looking back at your own things, such as your blankets, pillows, the children’s toys in the room, make for a more memorable photo.


Do I need to Clean my House?

No! The point of Lifestyle is to be as real and authentic as possible. No one can achieve ultimate perfection, and that’s the beauty of lifestyle session. However, I would recommend some to just do some de-cluttering and a basic tidy – you just don’t need to go crazy! If you have a newborn, it can be difficult to keep things spic and span, so don’t even worry about it!

What do We Wear?

Since this is authentic, you really don’t need to go all out and purchase new wardrobe. You wouldn’t wear a fancy dress or suit just to sit at home and lounge right? (Well, maybe?) So these photos would want to express that. You want to be relaxed and very comfortable. I do have a few recommendations thought!

Try to avoid logos or really fluorescent colors. These distract from the simplicity and beauty of the session usually.
Try to avoid tattered/ripped clothing if possible. We want to be comfortable, but not TOO comfortable LOL!
For children, you can just let them choose what to wear! Tutu, tiara’s and all! (You can just choose a few things they can choose from, that way they feel like they’re in charge, but behind the scenes you pre-approved it!)

How Long Does the Session Last?

Lifestyle sessions usually last for 1 hour.