In 2010, my sister was graduating from high school and we were trying to find a photographer that would capture her photos. Instead she asked if I would take them. My response “What are you talking about? I cannot do that!”. After much insisting, I bought a very inexpensive camera and decided to go for it. That was the spark I needed that drove the next 8 years of learning, failing, and getting back up again. It has brought me here today to YOU, to your memories and to your day. I know that a senior, you' are excited and maybe even scared of what your future holds. But this is YOUR time. Let’s chat, let’s get to know each other and then let’s capture who YOU are in your photos! These moments are precious and one can never get them back. That’s why photography is SO important to me, because it freezes that moment in time, and you are able to cherish it forever. This is why I treasure what I do!

Each session with me includes:

Time: Collection Time Will Vary. This can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your choice of collection.

Amount of Images Received: You will receive between 25-50 images, which also varies by collection.

Format of Images Received: Online Gallery. This gallery is good for up to 10 years in which you can download, view, and order prints!

Most importantly you will receive love and personalized care from me because I know how important these moments can be. (I was a senior once a long time ago!)


Ruby Collection
1 Outfit | 1 Location | 1 Sheet of Wallets


Emerald Collection
2 Outfit | 1 Locations | 2 Sheet of Wallets


Diamond Collection
3 Outfits | 2 Locations | 3 Sheet of Wallets | Custom Facebook Cover Photo | 1 FREE 8x10

**For additional outfit changes, please add $25 per outfit & $50 for additional locations