What in the world Do I Wear?! |Styling Tips|

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If you think you’re alone when it comes to what the heck you’re supposed to wear to a session, you’re not! I decided to write this post because I have so many clients who ask me what the heck they should wear. The good thing is that you can always ask your photographer and some tips and tricks to choosing your outfits. Since the artist knows what looks good behind camera, they are the best person to ask on what they think!


Whether you’re an expert on outfit coordination or just have absolutely no idea what you should wear, here are some tips and tricks that you can use on your next session!

  • Try and stay away from baggy clothing (unless you’re going for a certain type of photo style or this is a styled shoot). As humans, we tend to want to cover up our “flaws” but when we wear baggy clothing we are only highlighting those “flaws” |I put that in quotations because I don’t think humans have flaws, you’re all absolutely beautiful”|

  • Stay away from same colored shirts or same outfits for group sessions. If you have a good reason or story behind it then by all means! Otherwise it tends to give the photo a cliche or dated overall look which you don’t want in your session.

  • Wear clothes that you would normally wear! I see many clients who try and wear heels for example who never ever wear them, and they are uncomfortable the entire session. If you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable in your photos!



Getting the hair right for an outdoor session can be a daunting task. If the wind doesn’t whip it away, the humidity could make it frizzy and unmanageable. Having a bad hair day could again make you feel uncomfortable during the session, and then you will just look uncomfortable and frustrated! Here are some tips to make the hair portion as easy as possible!

  • If you’re planning on getting a hair cut, try to give it some time, at least a week before the session. I have seen so many things go wrong with hair cuts, that you definitely don’t want a bad cut or color to make you feel insecure during the session. This especially goes for my wedding clients!

  • Ladiesssss, bring some hair ties or bobby pins along for the ride. Those things can be lifesavers if we need to tuck things away!

  • Practice! The best thing you can do is practice what you’d like your hair to look like before your session so you’re not frustrated the day of not being able to achieve your desired look.



Alright, so those that know me personally know that I do not wear make-up, so I’m definitely not the expert on this. I have met some amazing vendors that rock all those make-up looks! I do know what looks good and what looks bad in camera though! Here are some tips I’ve heard or seen from others and even experienced myself!

  • Use yellow or orange concealer to help cover up those under eye bags. I can always help with editing here as well if it’s something that makes you very self conscious, and most photographers can too!

  • “Apply bright white concealers under foundation in shadowed areas to reflect more light. This technique works wonders to reduce or eliminate shadows from deep-set eyes or smile lines.” I found this tip on BP4U’s Blog!

  • Find a professional make-up artist. If you’re really wanting to do your make-up but you’re not confident in your schedules, don’t hesistate to reach out to someone who can give you that look you’re wanting! If you’re a local client in the Des Moines area, I highly recommend Megan Weber! I’ve worked with her with many clients and she’s incredible!

  • Try to match your make-up to the theme of the session or the season! For instance if we are shooting a fall session, you don’t typically want to wear blue lipstick! (unless of course you’re doing a styled shoot and it’s for high fashion!)