Maternity Photos! When's the best time?


When’s the perfect time to take your maternity photos?

This is a common question that most photographers get from their clients who are expecting. Although there’s a common time frame for maternity photos, every new mom is absolutely different! Some moms show at 5 months, and some pop at 7 months and even some don’t show at all until the very end, or just remain very small throughout their entire pregnancy!

Most new moms will want to do their maternity photos about 2 months before their due date (7 months!) This usually works out best since getting closer to due date begins to get very uncomfortable for moms, and it’s usually the time when you have the best and biggest baby bump! If you are having your second or third child, you might show even sooner than with new moms!

The mom pictured above, the beautiful Nicole, had her baby only less than 2 weeks after our photo shoot! She was definitely very uncomfortable for these, but very willing to get it done! #goals So really it’s all about preference!

Nichole’s Maternity Session

First of all, look at this beautiful mom! She was so ready to pop, but regardless made this session so easy and was so willing to do it all! Her loving husband Robert was open to all my ideas and you can just see the joy in his eyes waiting for baby London to arrive (she’s already here, and we did her newborn photos last week!)

I’m so excited that we were able to make it work before London came to the world, and that I was able to capture yet another moment for this beautiful family. I’ve been in their lives for a very long time. From little Luxavier’s first birthday to welcoming his new baby sister London! It’s always such a blessing to be included in these memories! Being a photographer opens up so many things, especially newfound friendships that you never knew were possible.

I loved their outfit choices and little Luxavier was the star of the show for sure! Btw, those converse have been worn by the adorable Lunabella and Luxavier throughout their years! What an adorable hand me down!


Nichole + Robert, thank you for always trusting me to capture these moments for you!

With Love,


Yeisha Sarceno